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My footballing career started at Watford in 1960 and I played for 5 years in and mostly out of Watford’s 1st team.

After a serious injury I then spent the next 2 seasons playing for PE City in South Africa, where I recovered well enough to win the South African League and Cup. After almost 2 years I felt I had matured physically and mentally, both as player and person to come back to England and try my luck in the English league once again. This time with a much more physical attitude and a total feeling of personal confidence. I managed to secure a contract with Leyton Orient and went on to captain them to the 3rd division championship in 1969/70.

My transfer in 1971 to QPR led to me playing with some fine players and great friends in a very good team. They included household names such as Venables, Marsh, Bowles, Parkes, Francis, Givens and McLintock. I also gained my first international cap with the Republic of Ireland and went on to gain another 5. In 1974 after winning promotion to the 1st division we took the league by storm, playing very entertaining football.

After a few weeks of my 2nd season in the 1st division and much to my surprise, I was transferred from QPR to Arsenal and went on the play for and captain the famous gunners until 1978. I really felt I had arrived when I stepped out at Highbury for my first home game and then spent the next 3 seasons with Arsenal, playing with some of the greatest names in the game, Ball, Brady, O’Leary, Stapleton etc.

In 1978 I finished my career in the UK and went to play in Los Angeles with George Best and retired in early 1979. I felt I had worked hard enough and achieved more than most would have thought, certainly with the limitations I had as a player. The one thing that always pushed me further was the belief in my own ability which I find is very important to any footballer, sportsman or individual in a 9-5 job. “Work hard at the qualities you have and an attitude that never gives up”

It worked for me!



“I just wanted to say, we all had a fantastic time at the Footballers Golf Classic and meet a lot of wonderful people. The event was ran and organised to the highest standards and having played in numerous such events over the past 25 years, I can honestly say yours is right there at the top of the list. I have asked my admin to forward a cheque for my deposit for next year and look forward to participating once again.”
Danny Hall Chairman
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“What a great ‘Sparks’ trip and much credit to you for all your hard work not only in getting us there but throughout the 3/4/5 days keeping us all in the right place at the right time during the daylight hours. It was all fantastic after the sun went down but I know you were both working behind the scenes in preparation for the next round of golf, etc. I admire your patience in dealing with so many aspects of the event and I sincerely hope you will there again next year. Our travel arrangements were seamless and a big 'Thank You' for always handling our requests calmly.”
Margaret Jeffs

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